Ticket to Dent


Released May 2017 

Limited edition of 1000 - RRP £25.00 P&P £5.00

In memory of Graham Taylor OBE who sadly passed away in Jan 2017 and who wrote the foreword to the book in 2016.

Foreword by Graham Taylor OBE

"To escape, to get away from it all, to spend a few days living at a pace that you dictate, surely there are moments in all of our lives that we need this kind of tranquillity. I know I do. But even more importantly I know where to go to get it.

Dent Station is the name, and you will read in this book where it is and how and why it is still in existence. It is a wonderful story, but just as importantly it is a wonderful place to visit and if you are dog owners you will not find a better place to have that early morning walk to fully appreciate the beauty and silence of the area.

Yes of course there are trains either speeding through the station or stopping to either pick you up or drop you off, but for me that makes it even more of a magical place. Five minutes drive away is the lovely town of Dent ifyou feel the need to stock up on food and drink.

If you love the Dales – as I do – you must visit Dent Station. Perhaps one day we might bump into one another!"

Graham Taylor - Former England Football Manager


Ticket to Dent 

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